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These all the lovely art work from the artist :iconhappyhappyplz:


So since I'm revamping Kiki, in the past what was you fav pairing with Kiki?
Oc Inspiration Meme-Kiki Mincoon by TwistedArtsticMind
Oc Inspiration Meme-Kiki Mincoon
I had to do this.

Sticks The Badger-Like Sticks, Kiki lived in isolation away from the outside world. Kiki is energetic like Sticks, doesn't have good social skills like Sticks. She is very loyal to her friends aka Nibbles

Sly Cooper-She is mostly base on SlyCooper looks, minus the mask. She has a small moment of wanting to steal something, but she can never do it.

Myrna Bookbottom-Kiki's outfit and love for aviation is base off of Myrna Bookbottom and is polite in some ways.

Princess Eilonwy-Kiki has her body type, her personality and her voice.

All characters belong to their rightful owners

Meme (c)
Off on a Adventure by TwistedArtsticMind
Off on a Adventure
"Okay let's go and make a new chapter in the book of awesomeness"

Nibbles looked at her with a disinterested "You really are your father's daughter"

Kiki & Nibbles (c) Me
The final showing of Kiki by TwistedArtsticMind
The final showing of Kiki
Welp this is her new look ;n; I found out that Purple and Yellow colors go good with on another. I'm so happy for my little bbu. I'll add her profile later.

Kiki (c) ME!

Ref: :iconkaya-snapdragon:
My Top Ten Fav Couples by TwistedArtsticMind
My Top Ten Fav Couples
Well this is my first meme I've done in ages. Lovely couples huh? XD

10. Amane x Hikari from Strawberry Panic-I love this series okay? This us my fav yuri series. I love all the heart-warming monets, along with the conflicts and drama, but this is done very well at least to me.

9. Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune x Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon-THIS Was my first female OTP when I saw them when I was young, I wasn't fooled into believing that they were cousins that the fcc claimed.

8. Kuririn x Android 18 aka 
Lazuli  from DBZ-Heh XD it was a toss up between Goku/Chi Chi, Vegtea/Bulma or Kuririn/Android 18 XD, but in the end I choose Kuririn and Android 18 cause I find it veyr cute and that Kuririn finally has someone that loves him.

7. Wonrei x Li-en from Zatch Bell: Hmmm one of the modern anime couple of Romeo and Juliet. Wonrei is a Mamodo and Li-en is a human and they're destined to be apart cause Wonrei went back to his world and can never see her nor her seeing him ever again. This is my all tie fav Zatch bell couple.

6. Zack x Aerith from Final Fantasy series-Nuff said

5. Kenichi x Tima from Metropolis [2001]- I Love this anime movie and I think it should be more well known. Again, a human and non human or in her cause a humanoid/Android are my fav couples. So young and all of the stuff what was thrown at them made it all more tragic.

4. Snow White x Prince Charming from Snow White -THIS was my first Disney childhood movie I was exposed to and the first Disney couple I saw. I love them they were my first Disney couple and will always be my fav.

3. 9 x 7 from 9 (2009 animated film)-I don't think that a lot of people know about this movie. I love this movie and granted that there wasn't much romance, they still had a good close nit bound and I love them as a couple.

2. Knuckles x Rouge from The Sonic Series-Oh lord if I get bash for this, then I don't care. I support these two. I like that there is someone to Keep Knuckles on his toes and someone to keep Rouge in line, well at least try. They have their differances, but I've notice that they've shared a few moments and this one video showed me some proof. I love this couple.

1. Phasir x Mirage from Aladdin the TV Series: okay these two have little history with each other, but Phasir stated that she went to pursue her malevolent path, but one day love will triumph over her evil heart and bring her back to him. Okay I want to know more about these two, but also one of my friends pointed out that, she never attacks him like she's done with the others minus Chaos

Meme by The-Syreth-Clan

All Characters belong to their rightful Owners
So since I'm revamping Kiki, in the past what was you fav pairing with Kiki?


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